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What to Expect

You’ll receive 6 video lessons within a 12-month subscription and have complimentary access to the Instant Golf Improvement Video Library.

  • Within 72-hours of subscribing, you’ll schedule a one-time phone consultation with John lasting approximately 15 to 20-minutes. You and John will discuss your current skill strengths and what aspect(s) of your game you want to improve the most.
  • After the phone consult, download the V1 Golf App and submit 2 videos a month to John for analysis. Within 48-hours of submission, you’ll receive a video lesson each month delivered to your V1 Golf App.
  • This subscription also includes complimentary and unlimited access to the Instant Golf Improvement Video Library. TheInstant Golf Improvement Video Library contains premium video tips not available to the general public that will immediately improve your skills.


Why is a Video Golf Lesson Subscription Right for Me?

Need convincing a Video Golf Lesson Subscription is a great way to obtain sustainable golf skill improvement?  Here’s a few reasons why you should consider subscribing and creating a customized golf skill improvement program:

  • Identify Your Strengths – Understanding the strengths of your golf skills provide you the opportunity to play smarter with your current skills.  In turn, you’ll make better course decisions immediately leading to lower your scores without any improvement.
  • Identify the Parts of Your Game You can Improve Instantly – Creating a sustainable improvement plan that prioritizes each aspect of your current skills provides a clear understanding of what to focus on now and in the future.  A prioritized plan results in sustainable and consistent skills that lower your scores.
  • Asking Questions After a Lesson – Between Video Lessons, you’ll have the ability to ask follow-up questions so you can continue your improvement without confusion.
  • Reference Materials that are Correct for Your Plan – Stop wasting time surfing the web for drills that don’t apply to you and your abilities.  You’ll have access to a vault of premium video content of tips, drills, and exercises identified as videos that applies to your improvement process.
  • It’s a Convenient, Remote, Virtual, and Complete Method to Improve – Communicating with Instant Golf Improvement from a distance has never been easier.  Utilizing proprietary platforms, you and John create the dialogue needed for your to reach your potential
  • FUN – We all play golf for the enjoyment we experience.  A subscription to remote coaching makes your improvement process enjoyable while allowing you to improve at a pace convenient for you.
How Does a Video Golf Lessons Subscription Work?
  1. Choose which Subscription Package best fits your golf skill improvement needs;
  2. Upload the V1Golf App to your mobile device;
  3. Create an Account within the App and start taking videos of your entire game;
  4. Within the App, choose “John Hughes Golf” from the drop-down menu of academies and instructors;
  5. When your videos are accepted, John will schedule an initial phone consultation with you.  You and John will discuss your improvement goals and what aspects of your golf game you want to improve the most (Gold and Platinum Packages Only);
  6. You’ll receive your first Video Golf Lesson within 24-hours of your phone consultation.

Each Video Golf Lesson you receive will include detailed voice over commentary explaining what you’re doing great.  It will also detail the one major item you can focus upon to create immediate and sustainable improvement results. Each video lesson will also include notes, tips, drills, and exercises you can do in your home, office, or at the golf course that will immediately improve your game.

Visit our FAQ Page for our full list of questions you might have.

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