Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose Instant Golf Improvement over another Video Golf Lesson site?

A: Simple!  Instant Golf Improvement’s nationally ranked and award-winning staff of Coaches can custom tailor your Video Golf Lessons to your specific needs.  By contacting you directly before you send us a video of your swing, we’re on your page to improve your golf skills instantly.

Also, our staff of Coaches base the golf skill improvements mentioned within your Video Golf Lessons on science, not subjective opinion. You’ll receive the very best and up-to-date information all the time.

Q: If I don’t see a video in the Video Golf Instruction Library that I need to instantly improve my game, what am I supposed to do?

A: Contact Instant Golf Improvement at Support@InstantGolfImprovement.com.  Let us know what subjects and videos you’d like to see within the Video Golf Instruction Library, and we’ll do our best to add that video as soon as we can.

Q: What happens if I don’t want to be a Subscription Member of Instant Golf Improvement anymore?  Can I get a refund?

A: Once you commit to become a Subscription Member of Instant Golf Improvement, you’re committed to a 12-month subscription, with a renewal date exactly 1-year after the date you purchase your subscription.  If you decide that Instant Golf Improvement is not for you within 7-days of subscribing, we will refund the fees you paid, minus any administration/credit card fees we are charged, and your Membership will be considered cancelled.

Q: What if I decide after the 7-days I no longer want to be a Member?  Can I get a refund or can you stop charging my card for the monthly amount?

A: After the 7-day trial, you’re fully committed to the term of the subscription.  As much as we want to be able to assist with refunds, we can’t.  But we’re confident you’ll receive a great value being a Member.  Subscription fees go to keeping our site up-to-date with the best content possible, as well as pay for the 6 Video Golf Lessons you’re entitled to as a Subscription Member.  If you have an extreme circumstance such as losing a job or becoming extremely ill, we can review your situation but can’t guarantee a refund.  Please check out our Terms and Agreement page before you become a Subscription member for more information.

Q: Can I receive all 6 of my Video Golf Lessons all at once?

A: Your subscription provides you the opportunity to receive 6 video golf lessons from our staff of coaches.  It’s best to spread the video golf lessons out over the course of your subscription membership.  However, if you prefer to get all 6 at one time, then we won’t object.  Any additional video golf lessons you may desire beyond the 6 included within your Membership term will be charged at the one-time video golf lesson fee at the time your request an additional video golf lesson.

Q: After I receive a Video Golf Lesson from Instant Golf Improvement, can I ask follow-up questions?

A: Yes!  After you receive a recorded Video Golf Lesson from one of our Coaches, you’ll have a 48-hour window to contact your Coach and ask additional questions. Your Coach will respond to the questions he or she may feel is most relevant to your specific needs and to the Video Golf Lesson they sent you.

Q: What are the benefits of being a subscription member of Instant Golf Improvement?

A: Being a Subscription Member of Instant Golf Improvement has its advantages.  First, you have access to an ever-growing video library of the best swing tips and drills available.  You’ll have the ability to consult over the phone with one of our Staff Coaches before that Coach provides you recorded video golf lessons, specific to your needs.  You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and provide your feedback to video golf lessons.  And you’ll be provided many offers to participate in “Member Only” events such as live streaming clinics, product discounts, and face to face coaching with any of the Instant Golf Improvement Staff Coaches.

Q: I forgot my password to login to my account to access the video golf instruction library?  How can I regain access?

A: It’s always a great idea to make a written record of your password and other login credentials to Instant Golf Improvement.  If you didn’t and need assistance regaining access to your account, just email us at Support@InstantGolfImprovement.com and we’ll assist you with regaining access to our site.

Q: I’d like more within my subscription, such as live remote coaching and live video golf lessons.  How can I get that?

A: Instant Golf Improvement will soon be launching a premium subscription platform, that will have these benefits and more.  As a subscribing Member of Instant Golf Improvement, you’ll be the first to know when that is available, and we’ll provide you a super value to upgrade your Membership.

Q: When I submit one of my swing videos to Instant Golf Improvement, can I choose which Coach will provide my Video Golf Lessons?

A: All Instant Golf Improvement Coaches are experts at their craft and are highly experienced to assist any skill level golfer.  When you become a subscribing Member of Instant Golf Improvement, you are randomly assigned to the next Coach in our que.  That Coach will assist you throughout your Membership.  Should a Coach no longer be part of our Staff, or for some unusual circumstance your Coach can not assist you, Instant Golf Improvement will do its best to provide you another Staff Coach that will assist you with playing your very best.

Q: For some reason, I can’t get the site to load on my device.  What should I do?

A: Our website is designed to work with all devices and all web browsers.  Should you have any issues logging into your account, be sure you are doing so with the correct credentials.  You may also want to consult your device’s “help” page to determine if you need to clear your browser history or you need to perform other updates or routine maintenance.  Should those suggestions not assist you, please contact Support@InstantGolfImprovement.com and we’ll do our best to assist you with regaining access to our website.

Q: I’m not comfortable providing my payment information through any website.  Can I call or email Instant Golf Improvement to provide you my payment information?

A: Instant Golf Improvement’s website is built with the latest and most up-to-date security measures available.  We continually update these parts of our site to ensure that your privacy and security is never compromised.  When you provide your contact and payment information through our site, it always allows you immediate access, versus being delayed by using a manual process to accept payment and agreement of terms. If you are still uncomfortable with subscribing through the website, you can contact Sale@InstantGolfImprovement.com, and one of our associates can guide you through the process, which will include you agreeing to our Terms and Agreement over a recorded line or through email.

Q: I clicked on a Video Golf Instruction tip within the Video Golf Instruction Library and it won’t play for me.  What should I do?

A: Sometimes due to heavy internet traffic in your area, or because of high demand of our site, videos may load slowly.  This is called “buffering” and is sometimes out of our control.  This is caused most of the time by slow internet connections.  We always suggested you login to the fastest internet connection possible for maximum enjoyment of our site’s video content.  We also suggest that if on a slow internet connection, that you give your device plenty of time to load the video you chose.  If you’ve waited more than a couple minutes for the video to load in your browser, we suggest you “refresh” your browser, which in most cases resolves the issue.

Q: I submitted my swing video to my IGI Coach a couple days ago, but have not received my Video Golf Lesson.  What should I do?

A: The normal turn-around time to receive a recorded video golf lesson is 48-hours from the time your swing video is received by one of our Coaches.  This is the standard we strive to achieve for everyone, but sometimes things happen beyond our control that may prohibit a Coach from sending your Video Golf Lesson within 48-hours.  Should you not receive a Video Golf Lesson within 72-hours of sending your swing video, please contact Support@InstantGolfImprovement.com and we’ll make sure you receive your Video Golf Lesson ASAP.

Q: What is a Video Golf Lesson?

A: A Video Golf Lesson from Instant Golf Improvement is a pre-recorded lesson produced by one our Staff Coaches, after receiving a swing video from you.  Video Golf Lessons typically are 3-6 minutes in length and in most cases address the single biggest cause of the flaws you and your Coach discussed during your initial phone consultation.  The V1 Golf App platform is used for this process, with you downloading the App and sending a swing video to your assigned Coach through the App.  Your Coach will upload your video to their app and review your swing video.  Within 48-hours of receiving your swing video, your Coach will produce and send you a Video Golf Lesson.  You’ll have the ability to view and study the Video Golf Lesson as long as you have the app on a mobile device.

Q: Can I submit my swing video to Instant Golf Improvement by email?

A: Yes, you can submit a swing video to your Coach through email.  Doing so will delay the timeline which we guarantee you’ll receive your Video Golf Lesson.  In addition, we will not be able to deliver your Video Golf Lesson by email.  You will need to download the V1 Golf App and login to receive any Video Golf Lesson produced by Instant Golf Improvement.

Q: I don’t want to become a Member of Instant Golf Improvement, but I would like to receive a Video Golf Lesson from one of your Staff Coaches.  How can I accomplish that?

A: Instant Golf Improvement does have a way for you to receive a video golf lesson from one of our Coaches without becoming a Member.  You can Click Here and pay a 1-time fee.

Q: I’ve received a video golf lesson from other instructors and sites in the past.  Each lesson always seems to be the same.  What makes Instant Golf Improvement different and why should I choose you?  Will I receive the same video golf lesson again?

A: What makes Instant Golf Improvement different from all other platforms is the phone consultation you’ll experience when you become a Member.  During the conversation with the Coach assigned you, you’ll discuss specific items of your game you’d like assistance with.  And that is what the Video Golf Lessons will focus upon during your Membership term.  And you’ll have access to your Coach for follow up questions as well as to communicate when your needs may change.  This will allow your Coach to change how your Video Golf Lessons will be produced, always insuring you’re receiving customized content within each Video Golf Lesson you receive as a Member.

Q: What is a Video Golf Instruction Library?  And why is it important?

A: Instant Golf Improvement’s Video Golf Instruction Library is a collection of swing tips, instruction, coaching, and more.  When you become a Member of Instant Golf Improvement, you gain unlimited on-demand access to the Video Golf Instruction Library.  The Library is organized into categories such as Full Swing, or Putting, or Course Strategy, to name a few.  Within each category is a collection of 2 to 8-minute video segments that can instantly improve your golf skills.

Q: What type of Product Discounts will I receive when I become a Member of Instant Golf Improvement?

A: From time to time, Instant Golf Improvement is approached by leading manufactures within the golf industry, asking us to share their products with our Members.  IGI negotiates the best discount it can on your behalf.  Afterwards, Instant Golf Improvement will directly inform you, not the manufacturer, of special offers by email notification.  We promise never to sell your information to the manufacturers and will always safeguard your information with the most up-to-date security measures available.  And we will ensure that the products we offer you as a Member of IGI will are of the highest quality.

Q: What are “In-Person” Coaching Discounts?  And how do I use that discount?

A: As a Member of Instant Golf Improvement, you at some point want to take part within a 1-to-1 coaching session with one of our Staff Coaches.  Our IGI Staff Coaches are located around the country and can fit you into their schedules when you contact them.  As a Member, when you want to see your assigned Coach, or any of our Coaches, for a 1-to-1 Coaching Session, you’ll receive a discount code unique to you.  It is good for a certain percentage off a 1-Hour Coaching Session.  As a reminder, hourly coaching rates of IGI Staff Coaches vary due to each setting their own rates based upon their experience level and regional area.

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